The Healing Process

by Wonnie

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In October 2016, Berklee College of Music awarded me the Songwriter's Scholarship for the songs Savato and the Glass Hearts and ポ・ル・ト. Enjoy the fruits of my hard labor and thank you for all your support!

I announced that I was going to be releasing my sophomore EP last year (2015), however with the dissatisfaction with how it was coming together, I decided to rewrite the whole thing two more times. The third iteration is what I am presenting to you (the audience).

It'll be my first release with vocals and a direct narrative that I hope many people can relate to or at the very least sympathize with.


released April 8, 2016

Written and performed by Wonnie

Album artwork:
Recorded in my bedroom
Mixed and mastered at School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Special thanks to:
My family, Jeremy Yoder, Allie Mullen, Jack Adams, DeEtte Hassen, Roy Hansen, Tom Smith Rosser, Brandon Amaloo, my friends, and all that support me and listen to my music.



all rights reserved


Wonnie Chicago, Illinois

A simple songwriter/guitarist from Chicago... where we like our pizza quite generous and our hot dogs with mustard. (apparently)

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Track Name: Savato and the Glass Hearts
Oh my
Back it aches from sleeping on this couch
But it keeps me sleepless to scare off the dreams
Oh my
Intuition tells me something’s wrong
I’m clenching onto my exploding chest

My arms
They grow tired holding onto my old guilt
When they grow numb that’s when fingers bleed
My legs
They tirelessly keep me standing straight
When they fall off will someone help me up?

Doctor save me!
I’ve done a nasty sin upon the temple of my god
I’m poisoning my lips just for the numbness and foolishness

Mother, Father
Please forgive me so
I have longings just to bring the chaos all just my own show

Act One Scene One
Don’t look back
Run faster
Track Name: Jennifer Anisterstonson
Cold hard floors
The concrete’s still
Welded on my skin pale blue
I’m still breathing
A ringing in
side my ears
The room it spins around too bad
I’m still living

Let me try to test the thoughts of faith
The feeling of the melting of my wings

The bottle turns
It goes down clear
It’s burning down my stomach aches
I’m still drinking
A promise still
You know I will not change not now
I’m still praying

Let me make it out that I’m the bad guy
The feeling of excitement of the unknown
So you’ll break my heart so I know that I’m a regret
But deep down I know I’m still growing up

Hold your breath
The demons that are dragging you down don’t exist
Just ignore their attempts falling asleep
The universe is lining up all the stars to say that
“You are the one"

Let me try to rectify my mistakes
The feeling of rejection for my past faults
So I hope that I can let this die quite softly
But deep down I know I’m still wanting you
Track Name: Arrow Me
He will give all the love he can give
For convenience sake
It’s futile to tame a stubborn wisher
When all false hope is enough to catalyze

She resists his ardor and his warmth
In fear of pain
She can try to pretend she’s stronger than this
To arrow them straight to the core of hearts

Oh, she’ll be home by 9 o’clock
He will stall for a moment more to see the stars in her eyes
Her ambivalence was a clever ruse to fool them all
The clock is striking midnight
“We’re not taking any calls”

His vanity’s what killed him
So she left him incomplete
Her stubbornness disabled
Her wishes for intention
They desired for a restart
They desired for a refresh
He thought she was longing from the start
She thought he would move on her faster
Track Name: ポ・ル・ト
First things first, I’m the chocolate, you’re the strawberry
It was not too long ago when we were slowly intimate
I’ll prove to you I’m someone you can trust
I’ll give you all the screws that I'm missing inside my chest 

You won’t, no you won’t
Let me hold you closely to distract you from your pain
I won’t, no I won’t
Admit that I’ve been stuck on you for way too long to tell

My heart is beating faster, my hands they can’t keep still
Do I have the courage to beat my apathy?
I’ll prove to you I’m more than what you think of me
I’m running to what others call “demise"

You won’t, no you won’t
Stay here for too long or else you’ll end up hating me
I won’t, no I won’t
Your scent’s my drug and touch is alcohol

Monsters reside in my own little head
I just assumed that angels live inside of her own mind
I called you home, I called you mine
You’ll fool me once, you’ll fool me twice
And I won’t blame you because we’re all just a little broken

Tell all of your friends "I’m bringing hell on earth"
It’s just one of us when I’m in town, you’re in for a surprise
I’ll play brave gets the beauty just for you now this is my resolve!

You won’t, no you won’t
Stick around to see my sadness slowly to unfold
I won’t, no I won’t
Let this last time stain the love that I saw in your eyes

Monsters we’ll cast them out of our own little heads
We’ll then fill them with angels till the top instead
You called me once, you called me twice
I’ll hold you close, I’ll hold you tight
And I won’t leave you because I still need some more healing